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In 1999, the Eurovision Song Contest abolished the rule that required participants to sing in their country’s official language. The impact was extensive: of the 23 winners since, only 5 non-English or partially non-English songs have won. We knew that Duolingo would want to do something about this, and inspire people to do their daily lessons in the process. And so, we created Duovision: the ultimate language celebration collaboration. Featured in the D&AD Annual 2022 Graphite Pencil Winner, D&AD New Blood Awards 2022


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Size it, Bag it, Separate it

Airports are stressful enough as it is - the queues, the bags, the "passport-phone-money" pat down checks. For DAA, one thing doesn't have to be so stressful: bringing liquids through security. 'Size It, Bag It, Separate it' took the fuss of sorting your liquids and pastes and simplified it into three simple steps. To live on OOH, radio, social media, and in the airport and deliver a clear and memorable message to travellers. Concept/Ideation: Jess Murphy, Jessie Newman Copywriter: Al Pollock Graphic Designer: Raphael Silva

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Being on your phone at work is a big no-no. It’s why so many of us just use desktop versions of our favourite websites: Twitter, Spotify, and of course, Duolingo. We discovered that it can be harder for Duolingo desktop users to remember to do their daily lessons, since they don’t receive push notification reminders, just an email (which, let’s be honest, can get lost in a sea of others). And so, DeskDuo was born. Inspired by the viral Desktop Goose, DeskDuo is a Google Chrome extension that releases a mini version of Duo on your desktop, to remind you to do your daily lesson (and wreak some havoc in the process). Featured in the D&AD Annual 2022. Wood Pencil Winner, D&AD New Blood Awards, 2022


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For Pride 2023, we worked with Dublin Bus (Bus Átha Cliath), and charity partner Outhouse, to create Dublin Bus' latest Pride campaign around Ireland’s most-searched LGBTQ+ questions. On Pride, we set out to find the answers by asking the people who know best: the community and Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre (located in Dublin). We worked with Drag performers to host Q&As on social media, created social assets for both the client and charity partner to be posting alongside the campaign run, and worked to create a final video asset that captured all the work that went into Pride 2023. Art Director: Jessie Newman Copywriter: Jess Murphy Graphic Designer: Ger Sexton Creative Director: Alex Ingarfield Video Editor: Adam Kelly Production Company: Tiny Ark Director: Eilis Doherty