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Making it the Standard, Not the Goal

In 2021, Lidl Ireland became the first retailer in the world to provide free period products to the public, monthly, through their Lidl+ app in collaboration with the LGFA, Homeless Period Ireland, and the Simon Community. Being such a fantastic initiative, myself and Jess were immediately inspired when tasked by BBDO to create social posts, and potential video campaign concepts for Lidl Ireland to consider. While a brilliant initiative, Jess and myself created the concept of 'Making it the Standard, Not the Goal', a concept that encapsulates the brilliant work Lidl are doing, while making a statement that highlights the fact this initiative should be emulated by retailers around the world. Our proposed executions of this campaign thanked Lidl's supporters, highlighted the need for change, while also treating the situation with some self-aware humour.

Created in collaboration with Jess Murphy

Video produced by Vini Bustamante, BBDO Dublin

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